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Last night with the help of my wonderful husband  we took an inventory of everything in our freezer and pantry. I didn’t do the refrigerator because I feel like those things don’t stick around that long.

So here it goes, if anyone can help make meals out of the things I have listed please help 🙂


1-whole chicken

1-Pack ground beef

1-Pack pork Chops

1-Pack bacon

2-bags of steak each with 3  in them

1-box frozen waffles – This is one of the very few foods I buy frozen .

1-Pack stew meat

1-Pack smoked sausage

1-Boston Butt

2- Bread  dough

1-Garlic bread I’m going to work on making my own ….

2-Bags frozen brocoli

2-Steam rice

1-rice with Veggies


These things will last a while and will be helpful in meal planning

2- Pie crusts – 2 in each box

3-Packs tortillas


3- Jars pasta sauce

3-Jars Peanut Butter

2 boxes chicken broth – in the next week I plan on making my own broth !

3-Tomato soup

1-Chicken noodle soup

1-Beef stew

1-Cream of Mushroom soup

1-Cream of chicken soup

4-Cans of Tuna

1-Syrup maple

1-Bread crumbs

1-Enchilada sauce

1-Salad dressing mix

2-Mac n cheese

4- Pizza crust


1-tomato paste

1-can whole tomatoes

3-Boxes of cream of wheat 2-instant -1 stove top

1-Box Bisquick

1-Rolled oats

1-Wheat germ

1-Pop corn kernels

1- box of potatoes red, Idaho, and 2 sweet potatoes

1-White vinegar

1-Cider vinegar

1-BBQ Sauce

1-Soy sauce

2-Stir fry sauce

2-Corn muffin mix

1-Bread mix

1-Bag whole wheat flour

1-Bag all-purpose flour

1-Bag brown sugar

1-Bag raw sugar

1-Bag white sugar

So let’s see how many meals we can make out of all of this good stuff 🙂


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