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New year New Goals !

Posted on: February 9, 2011

 I know this is really late to post goals for 2011 but better late than never right?

1.) To keep changing our home to fit our style.  A few things I would LOVE to do this year if the funds are available

 – Paint the livingroom ( We already have FREE paint for this it’s just doing it)

– Put in a fence in our backyard (We have a nice collection of Home Depot gift cards so I hope once the weather breaks we can get this done)

figure out what kind of space we would actually use in the backroom. ( I think maybe a game room ) Done !!!!!

finish the hallway ( The ceiling needs painted and its done … )

– triple the size of my garden from last year. 

– figure out a normal house cleaning schedule . ( I clean the house all the time and I would like to be able to make a set cleaning time )

– Learn how to can ( I think I am well on my way. I have 2 books on it right now. )

2.) Continue on with our budget .

plan meals BEFORE  I grocery show ! ( This sounds simple enough but I have to say I am very guilty of not having a set menu and spending WAY TOO MUCH $$$ at the store .)

– Continue to work towards building our savings . 

 continue to pay off  some student loan debt. ( It’s really sad the day you figure out all the things you could be doing if you didn’t have a million dollars in student debt for a degree you don’t even use )

buy a second car !!!!! ( Now that I have my driver’s license I would LOVE to have the freedom of having my own car. )

3.) Career goals  (Sorry ladies I can’t really talk about this one on here . )

4.) Family

– Be more connected with my family ( This one I’m going to be honest is hard for me. I love my family with all my heart. But I am not the best at calling / stopping by to see how people are. I can go a month or 2 without talking to people and not even realize  I did it ….)

– Hopefully add-on to our family – ( With that being said : I want to be married at least a year before we have any children. So we can enjoy being married and have saved up some money toward a child. So maybe we can add a little puppy to our lives in the meantime (  LITTLE APOLLO DURFEE CAME INTO OUR LIVES 3/14/11  )


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  • Camille: I have Adele 21 although I have yet to listen to it. Beatles Revolver Rocks - hard! The weekend was rough. It snowed and snowed but we did watch the
  • Andrea: I love ALDI. I am always very happy with their prices. :)
  • Camille Dumas Davis: I have every album you listed. 'All we are saying is give peace a chance.' - John Lennon "Hi' Apollo" Love and Cheers, Camille


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