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This was so good and I couldn’t even get it out of the crock pot it was so tender it just fell apart .

a whole chicken  ( Cleaned out and rinsed)

sprigs fresh rosemary

4-cloves of garlic

2-sliced lemons

a juice of a lemon

Place the chicken in the crock pot. Add garlic , lemon, rosemary, lemon juice . Place the lid on and cook on low for 8 hours. It has a nice hint of lemon and is super tender.

I placed the bones back into my crock pot last night with 8 cups of water, pepper corns, 2 carrots and 3-stalks of celery.  I  turned it on low. And have left it on. The plan is when I get home tonight To strain everything out and have my own homemade chicken stock !


Our weekend went Like this:

Friday my sister came and watched our Nephew with me. Ryan worked late .

eSaturday we got up and went to his Mom’s house to help her move. We moved until about 6pm ish. I helped her at her new place to unpack things and get them settled. Then we went out to grab a bite to eat.

Sunday I woke up about 8am and started baking – I baked to loaves of banana bread and put a loaf of bread for dinner in the bread maker. Then we told Ryan’s Mom and Little brother since they were moving this weekend we would take care of dinner . So Ryan helped me put the chicken in the crock pot . I made glazed carrots . And then we loaded up the van and took a whole load to Goodwill. Then went back to his Mom’s to help out. Then we went back home to finish cooking dinner. Ryan made PB cookies and I made mashed potatoes . They came over and had dinner. By 8:30pm last night I was fast asleep on the sofa . I went to bed for the night at 9:45pm ! It was a very crazy weekend But I am so happy they are settled into their new place. And that we were able to help them out !

Last night with the help of my wonderful husband  we took an inventory of everything in our freezer and pantry. I didn’t do the refrigerator because I feel like those things don’t stick around that long.

So here it goes, if anyone can help make meals out of the things I have listed please help 🙂


1-whole chicken

1-Pack ground beef

1-Pack pork Chops

1-Pack bacon

2-bags of steak each with 3  in them

1-box frozen waffles – This is one of the very few foods I buy frozen .

1-Pack stew meat

1-Pack smoked sausage

1-Boston Butt

2- Bread  dough

1-Garlic bread I’m going to work on making my own ….

2-Bags frozen brocoli

2-Steam rice

1-rice with Veggies


These things will last a while and will be helpful in meal planning

2- Pie crusts – 2 in each box

3-Packs tortillas


3- Jars pasta sauce

3-Jars Peanut Butter

2 boxes chicken broth – in the next week I plan on making my own broth !

3-Tomato soup

1-Chicken noodle soup

1-Beef stew

1-Cream of Mushroom soup

1-Cream of chicken soup

4-Cans of Tuna

1-Syrup maple

1-Bread crumbs

1-Enchilada sauce

1-Salad dressing mix

2-Mac n cheese

4- Pizza crust


1-tomato paste

1-can whole tomatoes

3-Boxes of cream of wheat 2-instant -1 stove top

1-Box Bisquick

1-Rolled oats

1-Wheat germ

1-Pop corn kernels

1- box of potatoes red, Idaho, and 2 sweet potatoes

1-White vinegar

1-Cider vinegar

1-BBQ Sauce

1-Soy sauce

2-Stir fry sauce

2-Corn muffin mix

1-Bread mix

1-Bag whole wheat flour

1-Bag all-purpose flour

1-Bag brown sugar

1-Bag raw sugar

1-Bag white sugar

So let’s see how many meals we can make out of all of this good stuff 🙂

I went grocery shopping this past weekend and boy did I spend a lot on money ! I even had a list written out for what I wanted to cook  . I try to buy what is on sale and I use my trustee coupons.   In an effort to reduce my grocery bill ( I hope ) I am going to see how many meals we can get out of what we have on hand.

 This is going to have to be a 2 part post because I am not at my house right now to make a complete list.  So this is the list off the top of my head :

1.) Lasagna and Italian bread( This is sorta cheating this is our dinner tonight … )

2.) Pasta and garlic bread

3.) Tuna noodle casserole( This is going to be some night when Ryan is not home – he will not eat this)

4.) Tuna sandwiches ( Again when Ryan is not home)

5.) Pancakes /  french toast and bacon

6.) B.L.T’S and oven fries

7.) chicken pot pie

8.) whole chicken and potatoes

9.) Pork chops and veggies


11.) Homemade pizza

12.) Beef stew

13.) Pulled pork

14.) Grilled Cheese and tomato soup

15.) Tortilla pizzas( Ryan likes to make these for lunch sometimes)

16.) Beef     burritos   

17.) Fried egg sandwiches ( When Ryan is not home )

18.) Steak.

I can’t wait to do a full inventory of our pantry! If this is just off the top of my head I can’t wait to see what other stuff we have !

My husband and I are not really going to celebrate the holiday.  Ryan thinks it is silly to have only one day when you tell someone you love them and I could not agree more. Everyday should be Valentine’s day ! Tonight we are going to have a nice dinner at home with homemade lasagna and Italian bread.

This is a nice day to reflect on all the loved ones you have in your life and to tell them how thankful you are to have them ❤

 I know this is really late to post goals for 2011 but better late than never right?

1.) To keep changing our home to fit our style.  A few things I would LOVE to do this year if the funds are available

 – Paint the livingroom ( We already have FREE paint for this it’s just doing it)

– Put in a fence in our backyard (We have a nice collection of Home Depot gift cards so I hope once the weather breaks we can get this done)

figure out what kind of space we would actually use in the backroom. ( I think maybe a game room ) Done !!!!!

finish the hallway ( The ceiling needs painted and its done … )

– triple the size of my garden from last year. 

– figure out a normal house cleaning schedule . ( I clean the house all the time and I would like to be able to make a set cleaning time )

– Learn how to can ( I think I am well on my way. I have 2 books on it right now. )

2.) Continue on with our budget .

plan meals BEFORE  I grocery show ! ( This sounds simple enough but I have to say I am very guilty of not having a set menu and spending WAY TOO MUCH $$$ at the store .)

– Continue to work towards building our savings . 

 continue to pay off  some student loan debt. ( It’s really sad the day you figure out all the things you could be doing if you didn’t have a million dollars in student debt for a degree you don’t even use )

buy a second car !!!!! ( Now that I have my driver’s license I would LOVE to have the freedom of having my own car. )

3.) Career goals  (Sorry ladies I can’t really talk about this one on here . )

4.) Family

– Be more connected with my family ( This one I’m going to be honest is hard for me. I love my family with all my heart. But I am not the best at calling / stopping by to see how people are. I can go a month or 2 without talking to people and not even realize  I did it ….)

– Hopefully add-on to our family – ( With that being said : I want to be married at least a year before we have any children. So we can enjoy being married and have saved up some money toward a child. So maybe we can add a little puppy to our lives in the meantime (  LITTLE APOLLO DURFEE CAME INTO OUR LIVES 3/14/11  )

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A friend of mine and I went out today and took some shots at the local metro Parks. Here are a few of my favorites.


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  • Camille: I have Adele 21 although I have yet to listen to it. Beatles Revolver Rocks - hard! The weekend was rough. It snowed and snowed but we did watch the
  • Andrea: I love ALDI. I am always very happy with their prices. :)
  • Camille Dumas Davis: I have every album you listed. 'All we are saying is give peace a chance.' - John Lennon "Hi' Apollo" Love and Cheers, Camille