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Before and After !

Posted on: October 6, 2010

Last week I armed myself with 2 cans of spray paint , 2-mirrors, and a picture frame . Well it took me a week to get pictures but tonight I made it my mission!  I’ll give you the rundown of what it cost !  And I hope you will be as shocked as I am !

BEFORE :  White Mirror $3.00 from the thrift store , Picture frame FREE ! from my Mom ! , Big mirror – FREE ! It was in the house when we bought it ! Black spray paint $2 , Green Spray paint $3 ……. Total $ spent : $8.00 ! Not bad 🙂


  Here are some more goodies !  Shelves : FREE ! From Ryan’s Mom ! Plate: FREE ! It’s a family heirloom from Ryan’s Mom’s side of the family  , and gee look at that robins egg blue creamer ! FREE! from my vintage swap !  It didn’t take me long to find a spot for it , Photo canvas  was only $5.00 ! I only had to pay for shipping ! 

So Grand total : $13.00 Not to shabby !


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Your frames came out really good!

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  • Andrea: I love ALDI. I am always very happy with their prices. :)
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